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Stools, Pegs and Knobs
Cute and Whimsical Colorful Hand Painted Children's Stools
switch plate
Kid's Plates
Hand Painted Picture Frames for children's rooms and the young at heart!
Decorative Dresser Knobs and Drawer Pulls. 
(cabinet hardware included)
Wall Peg Hooks
Our unique boutique for babies, children, teens of all ages and of course, the young at heart, offers quality hand painted children's gifts and decor that can be custom painted to fit all your decorating needs!  If you are looking to add a little color or whimsy to a dresser drawer, cabinet or closet door, why not add some of our colorful decorative knobs which are hand painted in many colorful, stylish, whimsical and fun designs.  Choose from a single pattern or mix and match to make your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or just about anywhere look unique!
All of these beautiful decorations are created with kids in mind and will make a wonderful addition to any child's room, nursery, playroom, bathroom, or just about any room needing a little bit of color, fun, and whimsy!  If you don't see what you are looking for, I can customize all of these hand painted decor products to match yours or your child's room at no additional charge.  Just  Email me with your creative ideas or fill out a
custom order form.

Each hand painted decorative item is finished with 3 coats of a clear acrylic non-toxic, glossy top coat to ensure a durable, long lasting finish!
Hand Painted Switch Plates
(Shabby chic and more)
Welcome and enjoy shopping at
Simply Children's Decor!

Whimsical and colorful hand painted children's decor: dresser knobs, stools, picture frames, finials, wall pegs and more!  All hand painted children's decor  can be customised to fit your own decorating themes. Children's dresser knobs are also for the young at heart; install them on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets!  
Custom Dresser Drawer Knob Orders
Colorful Wall Decor
Frames and Matching Knobs
door hangers
Butterfly Art
All of our products are hand painted and are available in a wide assortment of colors and designs.
Gift Certificates available through Pay Pal
monkey kid drawer knob
black stripes
bumble bee knobs
rocking chair

Design your own child's rocking  chair
Custom Painted children's Furniture
New Store!

Visit my  wholesale site and view my entire collection of hand painted knobs.
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Jacksonville, Florida
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